BMM ISPAT LIMITED manufactures the following products.


There is constraint in the availability of the good grade Iron Ore because of the ban in Mining in Bellary district. BMM Ispat is the first merchant pellet producer in the country which has in house beneficiation of Iron Ore which is used in the manufacture of its Pellets.

Pellets are better in Fe content, less in Al2O3 , better in cold crushing strength, consistency in quality, consistency in supply as the production has been stabilised over the years. Good connectivity to the National High way and having its own railway siding is an advantage for supplies across the country.

Sponge Iron

In house beneficiation of Iron Ore means better control on the Fe Content of the Feed Pellet ensures consistency in quality and timely delivery of Sponge Iron. BMM is one of the largest producer of Coal based Sponge Iron in the country. Some of the salient benefits are -

TMT Bars

Totally integrated Steel Plant right from Iron Ore to Pellet, to Billet to TMT bars make BMM TMT Bars a superior choice. We have capacities currently to produce 2500 Tons of TMT bars every day. Steel melt shop production upto 1.2 MTPA.